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22 November 2007 @ 06:58 pm
Happy Turkey Day, all!
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21 November 2007 @ 01:53 pm
Yay for boredom.

Though, it's going to rain soon, so things are looking up.

Oh, yes. My monologue, for the sake of memourization.

This is A Scene From 'As You Like It'Collapse )

And so rolls on the five-day vacation.
Over Here: DEAD.
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12 November 2007 @ 08:28 pm
Oh my gosh. This is such a busy week. Let me lay it down, just for the sake of clearing my head.

Caitlin's Super Big List Of Reasons For Stress:

1. The First Trimester Ended.
Oh god, the humanity. For starters I'm doing fairly well in almost all of my classes. (B+~A range) Almost all of my classes. English, for me is killer. I think I'm averaging a C+ in there right now. And no matter how my other classes turn out for me, my dad will kill me at the thought of a C. Any C. No matter how borderline B it may be. *sigh* It's not the ENGLISH, either. I love English. Just not taught by that witch. I swear, (no matter how cliché and immature it may sound) she does not like me. If 'class participation' shows up as an area I need to work on, I am taking this to the school board. In class, I raise my hand for every question of hers that I know. And she never calls me. I swear, it's chronic. If I am the only one raising my hand, I know that she won't call on me. She'll call on someone, sitting down, head (probably) in the clouds. And then, they won't know the answer because they weren't paying attention I'm amazed that I pay attention, with her monotonous monotone and dreary, utterly boring class and then, she moves on. And thus, the seed of all the hate and resentment. I'm usually open-minded, thinking that usually others have other reasons for their actions. But it really starts to get on my nerves, when she hardly ever calls on me. Ugh. I'm going to just have to bear down and tough it out.

2. Camp
I'm not an outdoorsie girl. And hand-eye coordination has been eradicated from my DNA. I can't survive a week without technological contact. The outdoors and my sinuses do not mix. I haven't been away from my laptop for more than 24 hours in two years. And hot and muggy conditions really irritate the hell out of me. Funny how camp happens to contain all these fun aspects. I expect to have loads of fun. The worst part is, I won't see civilization for three full days. I usually can take these 'outings' with the school fairly well, seeing as I may have majority of my good friends to keep me from going insane from lack of technology, but no. The school decides to make my life a living hell. I am in a group, with little to none of my friends. I'm leaning completely on my great friend Aubrey right now, to keep me entertained and forget about where I actually am. That's like a ray of sunshine in the dark depths of... Somewhere very dark. Oh, and did I mention the 'No Technology' rule? It seems pretty orthodox for camps... Except that they mean it. Quite literally. No cellphones. Not even for emergencies. No flashlights. Apparently, they don't want us to 'stay up later than curfew' reading or playing cards. As if the thought had ever crossed my mind. *cough* This is a biggun here: No WATCHES. When I asked my teachers for an explanation for this audacious rule, they simply replied, "We want to provide a place where you can get away from the troubles of the world, where you don't have to worry about time." When I go stir-crazy, and they have to ship me home, they're gonna wish they provided me a watch. I am OCD about time. I NEED to know what time it is at any given moment. It's in my blood. And, though it may just be me, it sounds awfully like a conspiracy to me... Getting us to 'forget about the hassles of everyday life' and instill in us their 'modern beliefs' and 'stress relievers'. I like my life as it is thanks, stress and all. You don't need to go and change it. I'm fine as I am. Thank you, my good sirs.

My theatre group that I'm in. It's actually my escape from stress. I just love all the people here, and want to say that you all rock. Especially my instructor whom we shall keep anonymous. Let's call her Jill. Jill's the best. I love her alot. Even when she assigned us our Shakespeare scenes. Even though I'm not the fondest of the whole Middle English language, right smack dab in the vowel movement, (who says I don't pay attention in English?) I love the part I'm cast in, in my scene. It is a scene from As You Like It - I play the heroine Rosalind, who dresses up as a guy for protection. (Mostly.) And she uses it in such mischievious ways, I can't help but admire her. The thing is, she tends to be long-winded. And long-winded people make for alot of lines (without breaks, too) and alot of lines means that Caitlin is potentially screwed in the field of memorization. Yay! More stress. But not alot, compared to my other rants.

4. Writing
I really pressure myself into writing more. I just need to. It's a fact of life. I will join an artist comm in the new future. I WILL MAKE MYSELF DO IT. I WILL STEP OUT OF THE LURKER SHADOW OF LURKY-NESS AND CLAIM SOME THEMES. YES, MY CAPS LOCK KEY IS ENJOYING THIS GREATLY.

5. Other Nonsense (With a hint of akizakurako)
Why does everyone in this world seem so bloody talented? I mean seriously. akizakurako? You're a child prodigy. Yessiree. I feel... Like Da Vinci. Only less famous. "Master of trades, jack of none." What they said about him... Before his works became a great sucess after he died. Sometimes I just feel so inadequate. I will update something up on Deviant soon. And I promise you, it shall be drawings. (Given the use of akizakurako's scanner.)

Not such a big list, but with all my little outbursts, I think it seems quite long, don't you think?

I live for the melodrama. Au revoir.

P.S. I've decided to screw the second entry for akizakurako's contest. I feel pretty confident with my first entry. Don't kill me, please.
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11 November 2007 @ 02:34 pm
Shopping mall. Today, I went on a shopping spree with mother and sis. It was helluva good time, too. More randomness of what went on after the cut. A Comedy Tonight!Collapse )

Oh, also gotta finish editing the writing to enter in akizakurako's contest for her two OC's. Might post the finishing work up here after I'm done with the whole ordeal.

I'm pretty sure of my entry. But the maximum for entry is two. And I'm sure there are some plunnies running around in my head, waiting to be lassoed. I have no idea. I think I'll start on the second entry.

*whips out trusty pen* Off to the writing chamber!
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06 November 2007 @ 06:50 pm
Oh, hello there, LiveJournal. Nice to meet you too.

Did you know that it's raining here? Yes, it's very relaxing. I absolutely love it. I'm crossing my fingers for a blackout soon. :]

I'm singing in the raaain, just singing... Singing in the raaaain...
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