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20 June
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Hello, I'm Kinakoron, but you may call me Kinako, Kinako-chan, or That-One-Girl. (Though the latter is highly discouraged.) Now, lets get this bio over with, without me collapsing from my own narcissism. My interests range from various things, but you can safely say that I am an 'out-of-the-ordinary' student whom is still in school, whom is a chronic procrastinator, enjoys overcast, dreary days, and often bursts out into bouts of random song and nonsensical mutterings. That's me, in a nutshell. I also have a passion for writing, though my skills may need some improving, I enjoy it anyway, so lurking in theme communities may not be so uncommon for me. I have no boundaries, I'm an extrovert physically, loving hugs and other 'touchy-feely' stuff. (Now, you sick-minded people don't go thinking anything.) I'm an introvert, psychologically, liking privacy, and barely showing my true feelings around others much. *hee*

Well, I've run out of things about me that I'd like to talk about, and I'd say it's time to wrap up this little bout of egotism, don'tcha think? So, all, in all, when I'm not plotting my latest scheme to take over the world, or ranting about some mundane topic, you can find me in my own little world, surfing the internet, or updating my livejournal. Nice to meetcha!

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